All PopbangColour artwork painted is one-off, unique and created to order. Over the years, Ian has featured and produced artwork at a mixture of corporate functions, live at events or painted private commissions in the studio.

Ian has created directly for and with a number of manufacturers and suppliers associated to the motor industry as well as PR and events management companies. This has meant Ian has created extensively through the UK, in Europe and increasingly further afield. He can be found never too far from a race track or the next motoring event.

Pricing and costing for commissions is dependent on a number of factors, but this can be supplied on enquiry. Artworks are generally 2.5x2m in size and are always scanned so fine art prints and reproductions can be produced.

If you are interested in a PopbangColour artwork, private or corporate, or for Ian to feature at an event please contact Ian via email or phone him on 07985 250 985.